Publishing 101

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Where to Download my App Builds

When you are ready to publish your app, in the editor head to the publishing page and select a plan. Then return the publishing page to download the source code files and APK.

The next stage is to upload these files to Android and Apple stores.

Apple App Store iOS Platform

You must download Xcode for MacOS in order to publish to iOS. If you do not have a Mac, you can hire a virtual system using sites like

You can find out more about iOS development here:

Use our guide for creating an Apple Developer account

Please pay attention to the app store guidelines, as they are much stricter than Google. Ensure your app is well designed, easy to read and helps the visitor experience.

Since the source code is generated by our system, there is no coding required and provided you have a developer account with Xcode installed, it only takes a few minutes to upload your app. There are lots of helpful guides on Youtube that go into more detail.

Read the following steps for Apple App Store here

Google Play Android Platform

Our system generates APK files, which allows you to quickly upload files to the Google Play Developer Console website in next to no time. No need to download any computer programs like the Android Developer Kit. Like Apple, you also need a developer account in order to submit your app for publishing.

Learn how to publish to Google Play

The need to Re-publish

As the app’s content is mostly stored in the cloud, there is no need to re-publish your app to update it. There is, of course, a couple of exceptions, like if you need to change the application (loading) image or app icon. You also may need to re-publish if we add an exciting new feature to the platform that the published file does not support, although most features we add do not apply to this rule.