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How to use the module for the creation of various forms and calculators services:

  1. Click “on the” List of Forms “page of the  Add a new form  .” Follow the steps and create a shape that fills the different fields.
    In every field there is a description that will help you.
  2. Now, in the list of forms, click the ”  Show steps  “, just with a new name form.
    There is a list of steps of the selected form.
    Click the ”  Add a step  “, enter the information about the first step, and save.
    Repeat this step for all of its steps.
  3. In the list of steps, click ”  View Item  “, only under the heading step.
    Click “Add new item”, fill in the fields and click “Save”.
    In every field there is a description that will help you.
    The element can be an image (small png with transparent background recommended) or box.
    Items can be grouped. If they are, you can select one element of the group.
    You can also define an operation (+, -, x, or /). If you choose the multiplication or division, then there will be a percentage that will be applied.
  4. To use the form, simply copy the ID that you can see in the list of forms, and insert it into the function CostForm
  5. If you want to add a payment in the form of payment, go to the admin panel form and select ”  Yes  ” in the field ”  Use PayPal payment  “. 
    Then  enter your  e  -mail address in PayPal  and  select the desired currency  . 
    At the end of the form user will be redirected to the PayPal payment page. Title contains a reference to the payment order, you will find in the email, which indicates the selection order.