Quick Start Guide

Updated: 05/01/2017

Although My App Builder is mobile friendly, we recommend using a computer to create your app so you can use our live preview feature.

Our website works best with Google Chrome.


  1. Account
  2. Dashboard
  3. Editor
  4. Publish
  5. Promote
  6. Analytics
  7. User management

Section 1 – Account

You can create a new user account or login at apps.webmateapps.com

We only ask for basic details when you first sign up, we will ask for more details once you are ready to publish your app.

You only choose your subscription when you are ready to publish, all features are unlocked so you can test out which modules you want to include with your app. Subscriptions can be compared here: https://myappbuilder.net/pricing 


Section 2 – Dashboard

When you have logged in you will see your dashboard, from here you will see basic analytics on the right and a list of your apps on the left. You can add a new app by clicking the “+ Create a new application” button. Once you have created a new app, your app list will display your app alongside a pencil (edit), two paper (clone) and an X (delete) buttons.

You also have your account tabs at the very top of the dashboard which allows you to edit your account information, view invoices and edit your reseller account if you have purchased this add-on.


Section 3 – Editor

In the app editor, you will see 5 sub pages…

  • Design – Choose a template, layout, background image, country and font style.
  • Colours – Pick your colours for each section of your app, advanced users can change CSS / SCSS.
  • Features – This is where you add modules or pages to your app, and edit the contents of the app.
  • Application – Here you can upload a logo and Intro page backgrounds.
  • Publication – Edit the application name, add your Admob id (gold subscriptions only) and publish your app

The publishing process is explained in the next section.


Section 4 – Publishing

After clicking the ‘ready to publish’ button on the publication page…

You will be asked to fill in some of your personal details. Our website uses HTTPS technology to protect your details and we never share your details with 3rd parties.

You can then select a bronze, silver or gold subscription. Compare the features here: https://myappbuilder.net/pricing 

Please read and accept the terms and conditions.

Your app is now ready to be published. Return to the editor and head back to the publication page.

From here you will see mobile source code download links.

If you have a free account, ensure you download the ‘iPhone version’. If you have a silver or gold account then choose the ‘iPhone version (no ads)’. If you download the wrong one Apple will reject your app due to the ads located in your app.

You can save time and download the Android APK direct from our website, so no Google software is needed to be installed on your PC, however, the iPhone source code requires the app to be ‘built’ using Xcode which can only be downloaded to Apple Macs.

Guides to uploading your source codes can be found on Youtube and other informational websites.

We now provide a publishing service for both iOS and Android apps, please contact us for more information.


If you would like us to publish your app please prepare:

Feature Graphic* (App store banner) – 1024 w x 500 h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

App description & Title – What your app does, how users can benefit etc.. Maximum 3000 words

If your app includes a padlock, you need to email us your login details otherwise Apple will refuse to publish.

Optional, if you do not provide then we will select random screenshots:

Android Screenshots* – 2 hi-res mobile phone screenshots, plus a tablet screenshot (these can be print screens of the iPhone 6 editor preview, then cropped in Windows Paint or Photoshop)

iOS Screenshots* – 2 hi-res mobile phone screenshots for each iPhone screen size (iPhone 4s, 5, 6S, 6S+)

Ensure you create good content now as we may charge a small fee for updates depending on your subscription.


Section 5 – Promote

We include a QR code generator in our editor so you can include this on your marketing materials. This takes the user direct to the app store.

We also recommend our marketing partners which can be found in the editor at the bottom of each page.


Section 6 – Analytics

Once your app is live, data will start to be shown in the editor. You can filter this information and see in-depth statistics for your app. Head over to the feature analytics page for commerce, discount and loyalty card information.

This information is updated daily, data may not be shown if little or no visits have been made.


Section 7 – User management

When you add social walls, chat rooms, commerce or other interactive features, the app creates a ‘my account’ page. Any users that create an account will be displayed on your users page along with account actions.


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