MyAppBuilder 4.0

It’s here!

The biggest update to our platform has landed after many, many months of development.

Today we are introducing MyAppBuilder version 4.0 as an open beta. The platform comes with a completely redesigned user dashboard/editor that simplifies the creation process even more and makes managing multiple apps easier. Not only that, but it includes several new features and under the hood improvements so your apps will run faster than ever.

Advanced users will also notice a ton of new features for them too. Not only can you add custom CSS but also Javascript to your apps. We have also introduced Webhooks to connect to external platforms.

We will be going into more detail about the changes in the coming weeks, but we recommend registering a new account on the V4 platform here to give it a try! Note that due to the amount of changes made, we have kept V4 as a new platform so your old V3 login won’t work here as we can’t migrate the older apps.

There are a couple of modules that we are still converting to the new version 4 platform which include: Restaurants, Geo Push Notifications, Mobilcart Admin Panel and Web Calculator. These will be added as soon as we can with a bunch of improvements too!

Speak soon!



Can I migrate my app from version 3 to version 4?
At this time, it is not possible to migrate your application to version 4. This is because the backend and feature set of both platforms are very different and would cause issues. The good news is that your version 3 app will still work until you are ready to switch to version 4. We do recommend making the switch though as your app will see some great improvements and it’s even easier to create apps.

How can I recreate my app in version 4?
Simply use the same app name and package settings. You should then be able to create a new version on the app stores with the new platform 4 app.