Digital Marketing with Push Notifications

Apps are growing at a huge rate, with apple recently announcing that over 130 BILLION apps have been downloaded on IOS alone and while mobile websites are now a must for a number of reasons they have some very big disadvantages compared with native apps. Here are the main reasons to upgrade to a native app:

  1. Native apps run faster
  2. Native apps give better UX
  3. Native apps give you more options
  4. Native apps have better offline support
  5. Native apps allow push notifications


Let’s talk about push notifications, they can increase your customer’s engagement and loyalty, but care must be taken not to annoy your fan base with too many notification or non-relevant content.

Notifications are often overlooked when creating your own application. It allows the company to send a message to some or all of their clients and they get a notification pop up on their phone, even if the apps closed!

The key here is to not annoy your clients, keep notifications relevant and don’t send more than one or two per month unless the customer needs to complete an action (i.e they have a new unread message). Let’s say you have a shoe shop for example and create a new app to display your range of shoes. Here are some ways to use notifications efficiently:

  • Give your current customers discounts codes through notifications to reward their loyalty. Customers love unique discounts personalised just for them.
  • If a customer purchased a Nike shoe in the past, let them know about a new colour you have for sale and give them a free delivery voucher to sweeten the deal.
  • Send order updates using notifications. It adds a personal touch to your business and increases the chances of your customer returning to you. Customers love being kept up to date and increase their trust in your company.


Combine push notifications with mobile e-commerce, loyalty programs and interactive content for a truly personalised customer experience. Create your app for free and see how your business can benefit from a mobile application.