3 Overlooked Reasons to use eMenus in your Restaurant

Benefits of adding digital menus to your marketing strategy

Digital signage is taking over the restaurant industry in the form of eMenus.  As the rules and regulations are changing most of the industry, owners are preferring digital menus over the traditionally utilised printed menus. So here we have some of the amazing benefits that restaurants will get by going digital…



1. Change or refresh menu according to the health laws

With many countries passing regulations that require restaurants to reveal calories within their menus, many restaurants have yet to display the information within their menus. Digital eMenus allow this information to be displayed along with images and descriptions giving the customer more choice and complying with current and future health laws.


2. With few clicks, you can add a new menu or alter prices

Many restaurants offer a special’s board to minimise the need to change their printed menus. However, these are not always seen and can also make the restaurant look untidy. As eMenus are based in the cloud, your menu can be updated at any time with the latest specials and price changes. Great if you need to make any last minute changes before a big event!


Building a mobile app


3. No printing and shipping costs 

Traditional menus require you to spend hours designing while paying expensive printing fees and waiting days for delivery. eMenus will prevent the restaurant from these drawbacks while being environmentally friendly at the same time. Once your menu has been setup, changing dish is as easy as uploading a photograph to a Facebook account.


What about the customer experience?!

Just because you go digital it does not mean your customer experience will decrease. Computers are not substitutes for great service by waiters taking your order. However, what they do provide is the flexibility, cost effectiveness and the ability to push additional sales through images and promotions within an app that can be viewed at the table, or even at home on the customer’s device.

There are a bunch of other benefits too, including the ability to add blogs and community events. MyAppBuilder provides easy to use tools so anyone can manage eMenus with ease, read more about eMenus here.